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30.06.2017 02:26, Carole Woodward from Liverpool, England E-mail :
Happy Birthday Tom! Have an awesome day! Xxxxxxx

23.06.2017 15:40, Rachel from Peterborough E-mail :
I love the musketeers show I did not know you where in the threature business I love to act i love to read a lot of books too and yes drink tons of tea as well happy birthday tom I am a huge fan of your acting and a big musketeers fan for a very long time

07.05.2017 14:50, Rosaline from West Country, England E-mail :
Happy Birthday to Tom (my tweet on the day)

I too fouind Tom via Musketeers. I've been a longtime fan of the Dumas complete Musketeers series since I was a child, and now a devoted fan of the TV series too. It was such fun for a long-time reader of the books to pick up on different interpretations of the original book themes and appreciate the imaginative new slants. Very impressed by Tom's portrayal of Athos and acting generally (indeed the whole series was splendidly cast and produced). Really bad of the Beeb to stop it so soon - this caused the final (as it turned out) series to have to force conclusions for our heroes which would better have been epanded further in a 4th series but I doubt the current petition for another series will be taken up by the Beeb.

Also, I think Tom was the best actor (and best character, lucky him) in the Beeb's recent War & Peace.

If Tom comes near us in the West Country, would hope to get to see his performances. I now watch for Tom on TV.

10.12.2016 02:26, Kate Angelis from Kingman E-mail :
I am one of those people who came upon Tom Burke by watching The Musketeers. I did some bio research and
development found out his godparent was Count Alan Rickman. The Country played King Richard's cousin in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Both actors are superb. Better than the American performers. Please keep me up to date on Mr. Burke's performances. I will travel from the USA to see him. Hu

23.10.2016 23:27, Sandie from Winchester E-mail :
Hmmmm well I think you are a brilliant actor....and a very sexy man!
Looking forward to your next production. X

20.10.2016 20:02, Carole from Liverpool, England E-mail :
The first time I watched the Musketeers I was hooked! They are so brilliant the casting is superb the location is awesome. Athos is my kind of guy, handsome, as well as a fab actor. I love the four of them but there is something about Athos that just oozes sex appeal without even trying!! I really wish they would consider making s fourth series. x

20.10.2016 15:22, Carol from California, USA E-mail :
Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for this fan page. I discovered Tom while watching The Musketeers on Hulu and subsequently a bunch of British shows that I have fallen in love with. You can only imagine my heartbreak when I found out the series was canceled. However, I am extremely happy to become a fan of such a wonderful actor! I only wish I could see him in one of his plays.

09.10.2016 06:23, Caroline from Wellington E-mail :
Thank you so much for this website. I have only recently discovered Tom - he has such amazing presence and is a fine actor. One of the best and he has such a wonderful voice. I am catching up on all his previous work which is an absolute joy. Thanks again Angie - your dedication is much appreciated, for all of us to share.

05.10.2016 10:28, lynda wodehouse from dorking surrey E-mail :
so thrilled to have found somewhere to keep up with this amazing actors movements. loved him in musketeers .That voice & moody looks gave me goose bumps . hope to catch him in something on stage sometime . sad I missed deep blue sea .

10.09.2016 16:52, claudine from AIX EN PROVENCE FRANCE E-mail :
I am french and Cyrano de Bergerac et les Mousquetaires (MUSKETEERS sorry !!! always had a lot of importance for me. Thus of every ATHOS whom I saw playing by comedian's large number you are my favorite it is like that that I always imagined him thank you for your interpretation which proves that you are fabulous one comedian I began to look at turned movies in which you appear and it confirms your undeniable talent. He delays me discovering you in other movies and For me series. For me you burst the screen I do not know if this expression exists in English. I write little in English but there I thank translation REVERSO !!! THANK YOU AU REVOIR !!! CLAUDINE[center][/center][img]

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Entries: 77
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