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22.08.2016 18:45, Iris E-mail :
Never followed an actor just thought it was silly. But a friend turned me on to Tom and I was impressed. Don't know how closely I will follow since I am in the states and won't have a chance to see one of his plays unless he wants to grace NY with his talents.

14.08.2016 19:11, Marie-Claude Despres from Canada E-mail :
The friendship is the most perfect feelings, that the man possesses, because he is pure, the most free and the deepest there. You can sow with it and collect it throughout your life

06.08.2016 13:58, Kellie from Bideford devon E-mail :
Hiya,my name is Kellie,and really enjoyed watching you and ur fellow co workers,especially Luke pasqualino( not sure I spelt that right) I'm following you on Twitter and was wondering if I msg u,would u reply bk,as I done that with Luke on Twitter and Instagram and has not replied.I suppose he doesn't know and thinks another fan,but would make my dad if u and him replied.I cried so much at the end of series 3 watch it 5 times as I love MUSKTEERS so muchxx

05.08.2016 21:11, Amanda stirk E-mail :
Really looking forward in looking at all toms work and picture's .Really gutted that the musketeers has finished looking forward to see what he is in next xxx

03.08.2016 16:53, Anna Walsh from Cork, Ireland. E-mail :
So sad the Musketeers is over for this season..the final episode was amazing. Of the four Musketeers , you Tom Burke would be the one I would fall in love with :) I imagined you to be much older than you actually are. You are a wonderful actor, and I love the way you portray the deep silent type..You're a closed book, we are always left guessing what's going on in your head..just keep doing what you're doing x

20.07.2016 23:56, Maria Lynch from Dublin E-mail :
You may be a mad woman Angie - but your are a true fan! Thanks for all the photo's, clips and info about Tom Burke and most importantly for the work with the Burketeers fundraising for Operation Smile. You are a wonderful ambassador for Tom Burke and you have my support for Operation Smile - always. I have another charity where I volunteer my time and energy - The Andrea Bocelli Foundation - which is a cause close to my heart. Keep up the good work and I'll support you whenever I can.

13.07.2016 14:15, Leah from Cologne, Germany E-mail :
I love how much effort you put in this site, and it definetely pays off! :) I think what's so mesmerizing about Tom is that he always seems so genuine and calm. Also he seems to be a very, very intelligent man but still he is so humble. What a charming mixture, right!
Whatevs, enough fangirling for now. Keep up the good work! Greetings from Germany

10.07.2016 01:44, Rachel Brown from Derbyshire E-mail :
Well what can i say but how fantastic an actor you are Tom,am a big musketeers fan and am on the edge of my seat through every episode and then cant wait till the next one,you will definately go far,i love you to bits.i would love to meet you one day.xxxxxxxxrachel.

05.07.2016 20:43, Ron Unsworth from Wrexham E-mail :
First saw Tom in Poirot and knew then he had a fantastic future.
I know he's been busy on stage, movies and tv etc but excelled
in the fantastic series The Muskateers.

30.06.2016 23:37, Gerda E-mail :
Happy Birthday Tom.

Let's celebrate you and enjoy the Day with your family and friends.

Love and kisses xxx

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Entries: 77
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