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Entries: 77
22.06.2016 14:47, rita nuytler from middlesbrough E-mail :
im loving the musketeers . I have been watching it from series one. im a big big fan off the programme and yourself love and kisses xxxxx

29.03.2016 02:25, Ray sainsbury from London E-mail :
Just seen Tom Burke at the Hampstead theatre in " Reasons to be happy". An extraordinary, wonderful performance by Tom. Great stage presence , and 100% convincing as Greg . A very fine play - great writing and great performances by ALL the actors involved. Even amongst this fine cast , Tom stands out. Every aspect of his interaction with the cast , shows complete and utter immersion in his role . I've never seen better. Never seen Tom before, and will look out for him , from now on . Thanks Tom for a great evening. Ray Sainsbury.

15.03.2016 20:28, Helen from Harlow Essex E-mail :
Been enjoying Jane Eyre on radio
Love Helen

27.02.2016 12:50, Helen E-mail :
I really enjoy the othe two series of the Musketeers. It good you and the others are doing a new one.
Big fan keep it up
Love Helen

15.01.2016 10:54, Gerda from Germany E-mail :
My Condolences to the desto of your godfather.

08.11.2015 20:40, :
Hi Tom glad to here you are in the middle of filming series 3 of the musketeers . At last my son got me series 2 for my birthday which is today keep up with the good work like ve to all the cast
Wendy a mad fan lol X

14.10.2015 19:23, Brenda from Edmonton, Canada E-mail :
Thank you so much for this wonderful website on this man! He is multi-talented, kind and so ruggedly handsome. Can't to see him and the Musketeers in Season 3!

14.10.2015 17:25, s crowe from UK E-mail :
did Tom Burke star in Donkey Punch (the horror movie)

04.10.2015 14:01, Renata from Czech Republic E-mail :
Hi Angie, I've become a huge fan of Tom Burke after watching The Musketeers, can't get enough of him and look forward to Season 3 here in the Czech Republic. Thanks to your amazing website I'm able to further learn what an amazing person Tom Burke is. Keep up the great job! We appreciate it.

02.09.2015 15:24, Polly Davis from North-east England E-mail Homepage :
It's been several months since I've been on the website Angie and it just gets better and better. No idea where or how you source the material for it but it's the most amazing information site I've ever seen. If Tom has a look at it and I believe he does from time to time, he'll be thrilled with the contents, the information and the utter respect which we have for him. Well done, I can see that it's been a real labour of love,

Pol xx

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Entries: 77
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