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Entries: 77
17.08.2015 22:20, Victoria from Nailsea, Bristol E-mail :
Hi everyone, so glad to be a member.

20.07.2015 21:59, Chris Slocombe from Bristol, England E-mail :
Hi Angie
Thank you so much for this website enjoying it immensely and also following you and fellow Burketeers on Twitter. Followed Tom since start of Musketeers and would love to join you all at Carol concert.
Chris x


Hi Chris,
Thank you for your kind comments and hope to see you at the carols in December! Xx
30.06.2015 22:19, Gerda E-mail :
Hallo Tom,
du bist ein großartiger Schauspieler, der mit einem Blick mehr sagen kann als andere mit tausenden Worten. Hab einen wundervollen Geburtstag.

P.S. Englisch war heute nicht mehr drin;)

30.06.2015 18:17, Sharon Harding from USA E-mail :
Happy Birthday Tom. I am a fellow Cancer sign. My B-Day is the 1st of July. Can't wait to see series 3 of The Musketeers.

30.06.2015 17:29, Jean from Hayling. Island E-mail :
Hi Tom.
Happy Birthday.
Hope you are having a great day.
Found you in the Muskerters and love the part you play.
Take care.
( Hayling Island)

07.05.2015 21:02, Chrissie E-mail :
I'm sorry. I din't mean to be disrespectful. I just haven't seen any photos with a significant other.


No worries :)
04.05.2015 03:56, Chrissie :
Hi. First of all, let me tell you that I really love the page.
I have a question. Is he straight or gay?


Hi Chrissie -thank you for the compliment. :) As for Tom's sexuality -I'm afraid that's his private business.
Many thanks Angie xx
02.04.2015 10:48, Ann Smith from Oldbury E-mail :
New to the forum
Looks fantastic
Loved both series of The Musketeers but its only after the last series I realised how much there was on the various media social sites. OMG now I am swamped with stuff but I am loving it :)

08.03.2015 18:37, Merissa E-mail :
What a very nice site! Wonderfully laid out. I have only just discovered Tom Burke in The Musketeers, but am absolutely taken with him. So, thank you for providing this website.

08.03.2015 01:31, Viv E-mail :
Great site! thanks for your effort and dedication :)

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Entries: 77
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