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21.02.2015 17:48, Nikki from England :
Thank you so much for your brilliant fan site. I'm late to the Burketeers party - but I'm totally enjoying the info and photos. Tom is a wonderful actor and a stunningly beautiful man.

I'll be clicking through to the just giving page too, to donate to operation smile. Tom has a smile to melt hearts.

03.02.2015 20:26, carol bridges from kent E-mail :
I love the musketeers I watch every episode please can anyone let me know how to get signed photo of tom burke a very fine actor


Yes you can try sending a stamped self addressed envelope to his agents at TROIKA 10a Christina Street, London, EC2A 4PA. :)

Angie xx
30.01.2015 16:57, Miss Moneypenny CH from Switzerland E-mail :
Hi Angie,
wonderful website for a wonderful actor! Thank you so much for all the beautiful pictures and stuff. My computer has a "Burkish" touch now (lovely wallpapers!!!). Got quite addicted to Athos I must confess! And because of that, I just donated a few £ to 'Operation Smile UK'. Great campaign!

Thanks a lot for all you do!

Have a nice Weekend



Thank you so much for the lovely comments but even more so for donating to the Operation Smile Burketeers fund raising! Xx Angie
21.01.2015 16:37, Marian Penman E-mail :
Sorry should read d o l o k h o v.

21.01.2015 16:29, Marian Penman E-mail :
you probably already know but just in case not tom was cast as f e d o r b o l o k h o v in the bbc1 drama war and peace (6 x1 hour episodes) due for transmission 2015. not very much hype around it yet - cast was only announced last month - but hopefully this will change soon.

Love your site.


Thank you :) Yes really looking forward to War and Peace!
13.01.2015 12:43, Petals from u.k :
Hi guys, this is a great fansite you have here, lots of nice pictures of Tom. Does anyone know if Tom has a girlfriend? I haven't seen him pictured with anyone. I'm sure he does have one privately :)

12.01.2015 08:08, Gloria Knutsen from Homestead FL E-mail :
He need not say a word, he speaks with his eyes and body language, effortlessly

18.12.2014 01:42, Penny Hulks from Farnborough, Hampshire, UK E-mail :
Whoops just read some magazine articles. Basically answers one of my questions lol. Now next time when in London I will pop into the cafes in Kennington just on a hunch lol.:) I haven't been in London for over 16 yrs, bet I have loads of panic attacks.


18.12.2014 01:19, Penny Hulks E-mail :
I love the world cup seat vid, I would be grateful if you could tell me where Tom lives, as on the facebook page just says London, I guess it would be near the theatres, but not sure. Also who is PR person is to get signed photos? I hope also to do raise money with baking next year for operation smile let me know if he has a favourite cake please. I will see if I can bake it with splenda instead of having caster sugar. I am diabetic so cakes are not in my diet normally but they say if you swap to splenda it will help sugars be lower than if had with caster sugar. Have to adapt fave nanas recipe as well.

Take care love Little Lady Penny

15.09.2014 21:58, bmd from bolton :
A message board would be totally delicious


Watch this space ;)
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Entries: 77
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