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14.09.2014 12:20, Kay :
Thanks for all the info & lovely photos. It's good to know that I am not the only one who has fallen under the spell of the talented & gorgeous Tom Burke.

03.09.2014 14:18, Anusha from Chennai, India :
Well, I am a relatively new/ recent TB fan, practically 2 days old. Tom looks amazing as Athos and I cant wait for S2. I do hope the guy starts getting some leading roles in movie..Awesome job on the site.. love the fact that everything is under"one roof". Please keep it going.. thanks a ton for your hard work. Cheers

02.09.2014 17:38, Kayleen Underwood from Terrell, TX USA E-mail :
I am a Tom Burke fan that loves and enjoys his work as Athos. I have truely enjoyed this website. The photos, his career, and some of the personal info. It make me want to know more about the man behind the actor. I would love to see more personal information and photos of him. He is a talented and gorgeous soul that has a lot to offer, and I, for one, would love to enjoy it. Will visit the site again to check for updates and new photos. Thank you Tom Burke for the work that you do.

02.09.2014 01:06, Angel Woodall from USA, Virginia E-mail :
I myself have been a Tom Burke Fan since the Dracula series and enjoy his acting skills he seems such a natural at it but as one might say genetics can carry those talents. His face is so expressive and he seems so down to earth, as many of the other British actors and actresses are that I admire. The strikingly handsome looks don’t hurt ether LOL. However as my Mum told me long ago, I was borne with an eye for the fair, the words of a poet within my heart and on the wrong shore. Great site I am sure I will visit again soon

19.08.2014 16:26, sheila E-mail :
Love athos

12.08.2014 23:05, tina from Slovenia :
Love you BritAngie for making that page.

12.08.2014 04:03, Claudia from Redondo Beach :
What an amazing site! Thank you so much for creating an amazing place for us to get our Tom fix. Keep up the good work.

09.08.2014 18:55, Hannah from Norfolk E-mail :
Hi, Thanks for creating a place for me to indulge my obsession with Tom. It's nice to come across like minded people. Thanks for your courage and know how and finding the time to produce such a site. Xx

30.07.2014 10:53, Rachael S. from Kent E-mail :
Hey! Just discovered your great website :D So cool that you've set it up! I'm following on Twitter & am known for being a bit of a collator of information to the point of casual obsession XD
If you need any help or suggestions for the site, please email/tweet/tumble me - I usually have an idea or three up my sleeve ;D

ohmyactualgodtomburke.tumblr.c om

30.07.2014 10:31, Nicki E-mail :

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Entries: 77
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