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Entries: 77
30.07.2014 09:48, ANGELA NAPLES from Gateshead E-mail :
Been meaning to put this message on for a while. Absolutely brilliant site Angie, nice work, luv it and Tom Burke ;-) xx

29.07.2014 19:43, Kim Watson from Essex E-mail :
Oooo - a one stop shop for TB! Well done Angie - a sterling job done there!

28.07.2014 14:14, BMD from Bolton, Lancs :
Why have I only just found your site - ah bless you - its lovely!!!

I particularly enjoyed the blog about Third Star as I watched it again this weekend and loved it even more than before. Thank you for the site and thank heavens for beautiful Tom Burke xxx

24.07.2014 13:14, susannah chaddock from cheshire E-mail :
I am a so loving your site. thank you for doing it , so we get our TB fix. keep up the good work. x

22.07.2014 18:45, Alyson Smith :
Brilliant site Angie. It's the one stop shop for all things MrB, photo's, news and info. A must for all Burketeers. Thank you :)

22.07.2014 00:35, Nancy from California USA E-mail :
Just wanted to say thank you for this great page. BBC America has given us such wonderful shows. I must say The Musketeers is the best show and I am really enjoying watching. Also its easy on the eyes. Tom Burke is one of the best actors the business has to offer. Only wish I was in the UK so I can get season two earlier. :)

16.07.2014 12:26, Hazel O'Connor E-mail :
What amazing job you have done! It's great to have a massive Burkefest in one place. Well done :) x

13.07.2014 11:46, Alison Luckham E-mail :
This is a brilliant site all things Mr B under one roof so to speak !!! It's very hard to find any real information on him especially any up and coming productions well done Ange for keeping us up to date.

12.07.2014 12:59, Jo M :
Great site. Please could you flag when something new has been added? Thank you for all the hard work.

10.07.2014 20:36, Jen the Mousseketeer from Central FL E-mail :
Well done on this site BritAngie! It's a treat to have acting info (and more) centralized in one spot on Tom. I'm thrilled to see I have a few new or undiscovered works of his to check out, too. Cheers!

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Entries: 77
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