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Entries: 77
09.07.2014 17:24, Karen Tompkins E-mail :
Well done @ BritAngie you've done Tom and us proud. Thank you for all your hard work

09.07.2014 15:47, Katie :
Great website for our gorgeous Tom

09.07.2014 06:57, Caitgrey :
The website looks absolutely amazing and is a lovely tribute to mr B. Well done BritAngie.
Just one tiny mini niggle from me - bbc video content is not accessible outside the UK, so could you plz put up a warning?


Sorry didn't realise that! Will sort out something later so the site mentions it. Shame it's not up on Youtube which is open to everyone. :(
08.07.2014 23:49, Chris Cracknell from West Sussex E-mail :
What a lovely thing to do BritAngie. Well done. Mr B is such a lucky guy to have a fan like you. Hope someone points it out to him. Bless him, he deserves it too. Looks like you have put a lot of work into it too. Thank you

08.07.2014 22:43, june sharpe E-mail :
Wow, amazing website, really well done, now all us Tom Burke addicts have a Happy Place to go to, thank you so much x

08.07.2014 21:01, Lou :
What a fantastic website for all Tom Burke fans. It really is lovely to have this. Thanks to BritAngie for making this possible xx

08.07.2014 20:48, Cheryl Anderson from United Kingdom E-mail :
How wonderful that we now have a website for Mr B. Thank you so much to BritAngie for making it happen. It will be such a great place for all Mr B's fans to celebrate such a lovely and talented actor.

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Entries: 77
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